Basic Kitchen Cleanse
March 5

Say goodbye to dairy, soy, red meat, gluten, sugar, caffeine & alcohol for a week!

Say hello to lots of veggies, yummy soups & salads, basic kitchen juices, delicious smoothies, whole grains & perhaps a few mocktails! (for good measure!)

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Just because you're cleansing, doesn't mean you have to stop movin' and groovin'!

In fact, the right kind of movement paired with the right program can actually enhance a cleanse.  Which is why we have teamed up with Sarah Frick of Charleston Power Yoga and Sarah Frick Fitness on a special movement program to correspond with our cleanse series! Every day of the cleanse, Sarah will offer different classes that will address however you are feeling at that point in the cleanse. 

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Truly integrate your mind, body and spirit during your cleanse experience with an in-home massage!

Massage is an effective way to assist the body in detoxing, but also an enjoyable way to de-stress while increasing wellness. The body is working hard to rid itself of toxins while cleansing and massage encourages the process along by boosting circulation.  Massage allows you the opportunity to slow down and learn how to respond to your body instead of reacting. Massage therapist Cameron Gunter is offering a reduced rate exclusive to BK cleansers, so don't miss out on this amazing (and relaxing!) opportunity.