Basic Kitchen’s Recent Features


BK Salad Project for Green Heart

Big thanks to the Charleston City Paper for highlighting our Salad Project! Starting Mon. July 22, Basic Kitchen introduces the Salad Project, a six-week long summer series that features a new salad every week. A portion of proceeds from this program will benefit The Green Heart Project, a nonprofit that integrates farms into schools to serve as outdoor classrooms, teaching kids about sustainability and healthy living.


Basic Kitchen on the Big Screen

Special thank you to our dear friend Maya Ojalvo of MOJALVO for this sneak peek into life at our restaurant! Check out her site for more exciting vids on the CHS Food and Bev Community.


Style BluePrint

Want Basic Kitchen at home? Well, you’ve got a few options, order takeout or whip up one of our recipes! See StyleBlueprint for a lovely feature on Chef Nick’s Cucumber and Fried Oyster Salad, a perfect reprieve for this summer heat.

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Cooking Light & Our Beet Marg

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo our Beet Margarita has been featured in Cooking Light Magazine! Always wondered how to make em? Look no further than Cooking Light!


Rita the Veggie Ninja!

Charleston City Paper recently featured our hero Rita! A snippet highlight: The restaurant's concept is based on honest, local ingredients and healthy choices. You don't get more local than your own courtyard garden boxes. "Her concept really fits with what we're doing at Basic with our local focus. It's about being conscious of what you put in your body," says Chef Wilber. "The garden has really enhanced the space and connects the customer more to their food.”

We love it. Read on: CHS City Paper 


Martha Stewart Magazine’s Bachelorette Guide

Are we dreaming or did Martha Stewart give us a S/O?! We are so honored to be included in the Charleston Guide for Bachelorettes. Read on about planning your ideal girl’s trip right here: Martha Stewart Weddings


Award for Best Looking Seasonal Cocktails Goes to Basic Kitchen!

We feel like we just won as Grammy! Thank you Charleston City Paper for featuring us in the Best Of CHS! Lots of love go into our cocktails and we always switch em up with the change of seasons. It’s SPRING so come try the latest and greatest!


The Perfect Bachelorette Destination

Many thanks to VenueReport for including us in the roundup! For all of your bachelorette planning needs head to our large party page and send us a shout! Our garden is the perfect backdrop for a special occasion :)


9 Iconic CHS Experiences- AFAR

Thank you AFAR for the S/O.. we agree, its not a trip to Charleston without visiting Basic Kitchen!


Azalea Magazine

Thank you Azalea Mag for featuring us in a recent article highlighting our garden and all the positivity it brings to our menu and staff. There are so many reasons we love working with Rita’s Roots but we couldn’t have said it better than BK Owner, Natalie: “Having the gardens on site empowers the cooks in the kitchen to get creative and … creates this ambiance where guests interact with the ingredients that make up their meals on a different level… enabling us to provide really fresh seasonal dishes while supporting our community and supporting our environment. That’s what our core values are all about.”

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The LowCountry Weekend

Haven’t you always wondered how to make magic green, our signature sauce? Now you can make the magic happen in your own kitchen, thanks to LowCountry Weekend’s special feature! Watch the vid to get a step by step tutorial with Chef Nick.


Top Pick for Vday: BK!

Thank you Charleston Grit for featuring us in the top 3 places to wine & dine on Vday. We’re always here for heart healthy dishes!


Just In Time For VDay- MarieClaire’s Romantic Getaway List

Charleston is in the top 8 Romantic Getaways and Basic Kitchen was highlighted as a must stop for “your daily dose of fruit and veggies.” Better fuel for your next unforgettable weekend in CHS ;)


Mind Body Green x Basic Kitchen

Umm.. it’s only our favorite blog ever! We dished the recipe for our famous cauli wings in this month’s Mind Body Green! Find out the secret on MBG for “a dish that will win over carnivores and veg-folk alike.”


This Week’s To-Do List

Thank you CHS City Paper for featuring our Piedmontese Wine Party in the list of to-do’s this week! Read on: CHS City Paper or visit our site: Piedmont Party for more deets


Washington Post’s Hotspots for a DIY Wellness Vacay

For a DIY wellness vacay: head to the place with a garden! Big thanks to the Washington Post for a s/o to our “veggie studded rice bowls”

For more visit: Washington Post Travel


4 places to eat in Charleston, SC

“Everything they serve is veggie-forward which I love.”

Thanks for the s/o, especially from a blog like the Stopover! It’s nice to be on such a short list of goodies.

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Cozy Up on Xmas Eve at BK

Thank you Charleston Grit, for featuring us in your holiday round up! This healthy hot spot will offer a family-style menu, featuring traditional fare perfect for warming you up and putting you in the holiday spirit

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Check out the list on Charleston Grit

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Eater Charleston Most Beautiful Restaurant of 2017

What a year it’s been! Thank you Eater and Charleston for naming us Most Beautiful Restaurant of the year! We are so honored and proud :) Read more here: Eater CHS


Exploring Charleston In Style w Garden & Gun

“If it’s style you’re after, start your Charleston excursion with lunch at Basic Kitchen. The only thing more beautiful (or more often Instagramed) than the interiors at this bright neighborhood restaurant—open for brunch, lunch, and dinner—is the food. “

We're blushing ;) Thanks for the shoutout Garden and Gun! Read on right here: Exploring Charleston



Well me oh my, thank you Explore Charleston for featuring our lamb burger on your list of epic sandwiches! It is an honor.. of EPIC Proportions ;)

See who made the list: Explore Charleston

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Basic Kitchen Teams Up With Local Oyster Company for a Courtyard Raw Bar

Happening every Thursday from 5:30-8:30pm! Our dear friend Cyrus shucking oysters on the patio! Ahh.. life is good

For more info check out: Eater


NYC’s Fat Radish Gives Basic Kitchen a Makeover

Thank you Eater for the lovely article about our fall menu!

The new offerings don’t stray too far from the original, sustainable, seasonal lineup. Basic Kitchen still sources from local purveyors and farmers.

Article can be found on Eater Charleston



Hot off the presses! Charleston Grit featuring our new fall lineup, come choose your favorite :)

It's doesn't get more local and fresh than that! 

Article can be found on: Charleston Grit


Hot menu alert: fresh eats at Basic Kitchen

The City Paper recently featured us in a fab article alongside our friends at Nico! Thank you City Paper!

Wilber's menu "stays true to Basic Kitchen's mantra of serving seasonal, local ingredients that are nourishing and energizing while introducing some more substantial and satisfying dishes to the mix."

Article can be found on : Charleston City Paper