Piedmontese Wine Dinner

Part of the BK Wine Dinner Series

Wednesday, January 30th
5:30 PM - 10 PM

Andiamo a Italia! No need to pack your bags or use vacation days, come on down to Basic for a night of Italian livin. This month’s wine dinner will feature Curated Selections and a menu that will make you wish you were Italian. It’s okay, we all do.

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Menu available a la carte:


Salumaria Beileise Salumi: finocchiona, speck, cacatorini, bresaola

Miso Bagna Cauda: raw and roasted vegetables


Raviolo: buckwheat pasta, potato, brussels, sage brown butter, alpine valantina

Tajarin (tagletelle): veggie bolognese, parmesan

Vialano Nano risotto: red wine reduction, castalmagno cheese

Basoato Al Barolo ( red wine braised beef): braised short rib, polenta

Alpine Mountain Trout: saltuinas, sage, celery

Tuna Tonatto

Butternut Squash Carpaccio: pickled mustard seeds, bitter greens

Cotechino and Braised Lentils: Traditional garlic sausage

Nutella and Crusty Bread

Honey Panna Cotta